Total Eclipse

Yeah.  So, the news has been covering this “once in a lifetime” happening for days, creating  a near hysteria out there.  I wanted to see it, but I wasn’t going  to go to any great effort.  I did not buy special glasses.  I did not get out a cardboard box and cut a hole in it.  One of my facebook friends posted that you could see it by turning your phone camera to “selfie”.  I did that.  It did not work.


My brother in law came over, and he had two dark lenses put together, which he shared with us.  I kept saying “I don’t see anything!”, he said “look  at the sun!”  I finally saw it.  It was teeny tiny.  I said “That’s it?”  in a tone of  “what the heck?”.  Yep.  That was it.  What was all the hoopla about?

Hubby got out his camera and took this cool photo.  I know that he took this photo…I was standing right next to him.  But, it doesn’t look real.  Does it?

The patterns through the trees were super cool.  Little crescents everywhere.  That was my favorite part.


I turned on the tv and rolled through the channels.  It looked like everyone was in the same place in Indiana….and…there were clouds!  So, here is this arena full of people and the clouds are blocking their view.  How disappointing!!  Lo and behold, the clouds parted just enough for everyone to see.  It got dark for a couple  minutes and boom….over.  All that planning, parking, walking and waiting…just for a couple of minutes.


Hmmmmm….I don’t sound impressed at all.  So, I will finish with this.  The pro photos from NASA are amazing and beautiful.  I enjoyed them very much.


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