Welcome to Farrell Focus! I’m Stephanie Farrell, and I’m so glad that you stopped by my little blog about ….well, a little bit of everything!  I’ve been blogging since 2009, when I started my little crafting blog, luluscottage.com on blogger.  It was such a fun way to express myself and meet other bloggers.  As time went on, and things in my life changed, so did my blog.  I wanted to explore having my own freedom in creating my blog, so I left blogger and started Farrell Focus.  I love to share about whatever I’m “focused” on in  the moment.

I’m married to my high school sweetheart and we have 3 grown kids and 4 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren.   Our love story sounds typical…and yet it’s far from it!  I’ll  have to write about that some day.  We have been empty nesters for a long time. We love to travel in our Glamped up camper with our little doggie, Buster.

My husband, Steve and I are full time photographers with a studio in Jackson California.  Our little cottage is in the mountains and we love the country life.  We work together, travel together….yep…we hang out together.  We both have a passion to see new places.

My husbands beautiful photography can be viewed at www.farrellphotography.net.  And, my online photos are at https://farrellphotography.zenfolio.com/f431024730

If you are curious, here is a little bit of my background.

First and foremost, I’m a family person. I’m happily married, raised three great kids and have two beautiful granddaughters who are grown (one with a family of her own!) and two littles…one boy and one girl.  My house is quiet, except for three cats and our doggie Buster that provide daily entertainment. I love the country life. It took me a few years to say that and mean it. I was raised in suburbia for the most part, where everyone had a similar house and yard. I have found that once you go country, you can never go back!

I will be 65 in 2024.  Wow.  Sometimes I really feel my age and sometimes I think I’m still young.  Lol.  Doesn’t everyone.  I love this stage in my life, but it has had it’s own challenges.  First you are someone’s kid and then you are someone’s mother.  Now?  I’m just me and free to do whatever my heart desires.  I have my empty nest and my goal is always to fill it with joy.  I love to decorate and fix up my home inside and out.  I have passed the stage where kids are coming home, moving away, and coming home again.  Lol, I promise you they can STILL come home…but they are all settled and starting to have their own empty nests.

I live in the country and as a former city girl, I will tell you (shhhh it’s a secret), country is better! I live in the mountains and it’s like living in a park. I can’t see a neighbor from my house, so it feels private and secluded. I enjoy the seasons and having nature around everywhere I look.

I spend my time working for our studio, hanging out with friends and family, spending time in my sewing room, making YouTube Videos, playing with my garden, and, of course TRAVEL!   Have you seen my glamped up camper??

I’m so happy that you have stumbled on to my little blog.  I’m here to make friends, so, please let me hear from you!  I’m on Facebook everyday, come find me: facebook.com/stephaniefarrellfarrellfocus  and I also love Instagram stephanie.farrell.  I look forward to hearing from you!


steve and stephanie farrell 2015 photographer photography IMG_4298-stephaniefarrell-stephanie-farrell-stevefarrell-steve-farrell-2015 IMG_4144-stephaniefarrell-stephanie-farrell-stevefarrell-steve-farrell-2015 IMG_2254-double-rainbow-lake-tahoe-2015-iphone

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