My cute top Fashion Hack…and how to do it yourself

I bought this cute top at Steinmart  and I just love it.  I wish it had come in some other colors, but it only came in army green, which is not a good color on me, unfortunately.   I wear so much black.  And, I don’t want to.  I need more color in my closet…. So, I decided to “hack” it!

When I examined the top, it looked relatively simple to copy.  All I needed was a new tshirt that I was willing to cut up and Walla…a new top.

I bought my tshirt at Walmart and I turned this

in to this

I loved it so much, I wore it the next day.  And, I will wear it a lot!

If you would like to copy my “hack”, click on my video and I will show you how.  Be sure to subscribe to my channel!


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