Carmel Camping Glamping Shopping and Sunset photos

We had such a fun time in Carmel.  We took our camper glamper.  This was our first time to book an “rv” site with hookups.  Because we have a pop up tent trailer, we can camp in a regular camp spot just as easily.

We brought our doggies.  The weather was perfect!!  We drove over and set up camp and just relaxed for the evening.  The next morning, we took our boys (Buster and Pookie) to doggie day care.  I have to recommend this place.  We have used it twice now and just love it.  They are so nice and the dogs are truly happy to be there.  I can tell.  It’s called Home Away From Home.  The website is:  We booked the boys for daycare and a bath.  How fun to pick them up and take them back to camp all clean!!

Without the “kids” we were free to explore all day.  We went to Carmel and walked the streets.  It was such a cool place.  Tons of shops.  And, lots of galleries too.  We had a really good lunch.

After a day of playing tourist, we picked up our doggies and went in search of the sunset.  The sunset hour makes for amazing photography.  We drove along the coast and chose our spot to stop and photograph the setting sun.  It was SUPER windy.  Really.  Oh my gosh.  But, the sun did set, and we did get amazing photos.

The down side to chasing the sunset, is that you always get back to camp after dark.  We just got in our camper and got comfy.  No campfire.  Which was surprising, because we actually paid to have a fire pit.  Which was the only way to have a fire at this camp ground.

In the morning we packed up and took the beautiful drive home, stopping along the way whenever we wanted.

This is how we roll.  lol

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