Yosemite in the fall

Yes, it’s true.  We love Yosemite.  It’s only a couple hours from here, so we go whenever we can.  On this particular day, we looked at the weather and saw a “partial cloudy” day with a week of “sun” to follow.  Hubby suggested that we get in the car and drive to Yosemite.  Clouds can make for amazing photos.  So, of course, I said YES!

The drive was wonderful.  We brought our doggies and had a relaxing day in the mountains.  Here are may favorite photos from the day.

This photo is from the Lookout on the way in to the valley.  I love this spot.  It’s the first place you get to see the valley off in the distance.  Today….those clouds….ah.  


Of course, we always take a selfie here.  Hubby wanted to get the doggies in.  Pookie did not co-operate.  Buster was somewhat willing.


Now, that’s better Buster!


Most of the iconic sights are at one end of the valley.  Bridalveil Falls is at the other end.  If we don’t stop on the way in, we probably won’t see it at all.  It’s a quick walk up to a lookout and this is the spectacular view that awaits you!  It’s loud (like thunder) and the mist falls like rain.  So, plan on getting wet.


This is the river on the way to Bridalveil.  The fall leaves were glorious!!



Moving on, we stopped to see El Capitan.  It’s enormous.  Really.  I can’t figure out a way to show how big it really is with a photograph.  Maybe if you look at the very top of these cliffs you can see how tiny the trees look.  That kinds of gives it some scale.  It’s something you really need to see in person.



We often (well, most of the time) want to be standing in the same exact spot to take a photo.  So, we come home with many of the same shots.  Here you see hubby….


Here…you don’t. <grins>


That is Yosemite Falls in the distance.  This meadow was ablaze in gold.  Love those fall colors so much!


I simply can not resist a reflection!  Yosemite Falls.


Half Dome.  These clouds are what we were here for!!


And these colors!



This is tunnel view.  We were late to the party.  But, we still got some beautiful shots.


I took this with my phone.  It’s hard to squeeze in and find a spot.  I have never been to this spot (at sunset) when it wasn’t crowded.  You can see why.  What a view!


And, so, you stand there just clicking away.  I can’t resist taking the same photo, over and over and over.  The light fades so quickly.  And, then it’s over.


Yes, we love this place.  I can’t wait to go back again!

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