Spring, grandkids and my new telephoto lens

What fun!  A beautiful walk around the lake, my adorable grands and my new telephoto lense.  It’s a whole new experience in my photography journey.  I was in constant changing lighting, and I usually shoot in manual, so I found myself playing with some of the semi auto settings.  That was fun!  They are such a joy in my life.  I love capturing them.  As with most children, they are constantly moving targets.  And….they never want to “pose”.   Funny story….I was taking a pretend picture of Sissy with her Barbie camera and she posed so adorably.  Oh how I wish I had been holding a REAL camera.   Maybe I should hold her camera in front of mine. lol.

farrell focus-4100 farrell focus-4143 farrell focus-4160 farrell focus-4172 farrell focus-4192 farrell focus-4194 farrell focus-4227 farrell focus-4341 farrell focus-4362

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