Photography is contagious…in our family!

A few months ago, we took our Granddaughter with us to a photoshoot.

We put her to work!  read the story here:

This past week she came to visit us.  I asked her what she would like to do while she was here.  Her only request was to go to a photoshoot and assist!  So,basically, she has caught the bug.  We pulled out an old camera for her.   We are constantly upgrading equipment.  She was so excited!  Hubby and I took her up to the high sierras to show her our favorite places.  We both helped her figure out her settings and how to compose a photo.  She learns sooooo fast!!

I’ve often told hubby that it would be great to have a cute girl in the car all the time for photography.  We got our wish on this day.  Even though the day was about teaching our granddaughter how to be behind the camera….she graciously agreed to step in front of the camera too!  She is a wonderful model.  Beautiful inside and out!!

IMG_7931 IMG_7944



I love this little collage of her learning.  The sun was going down fast….no time to change clothes (and not enough light….so excuse the blurry pics)!!

learning photography

She looks so happy and comfortable behind the lense.  It was a joy to watch.  She’s only 15….if she keeps  learning, she will be a pro in no time!!




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