Mother Son Trip to So Cal – Taking the Scenic Route

I’m so excited to share this trip with you!  I have taken the drive up and down the state of California more times than I can even count.  It’s a long and boring drive.  I was talking with some girlfriends and they suggested I try a different route.  Well.  That never occured to me.  I thought it would be so much longer to go that way (and it actually was), that it wouldn’t be worth it.  But, I know this highway and the beautiful scenery, and I wanted to try it out! My son,  Jesse,  was also excited to take this route.

It was raining  when we left.  I checked the weather, it said it was also raining  in  the mountains.  Well, when we got there, it was full on snowing!!  Don’t worry, I have 4 wheel  drive and I carry chains, which we did not need.  It was so pretty.  After we came down from the mountain pass, it was just one gorgeous scene after another.  Here are a few of my pics.  And, I have a lot of the scenery in my video.

I love these rock formations that were just everywhere.  Otherworldly.

These clouds.  Oh my.  I just love how the sun tinged them yellow.  And, it also made a very dramatic black and white.  Which do you prefer?

Clouds.  I just love them.  These dramatic clouds….I just love them.

Mono Lake, which  by itself is very spectacular, was even more beautiful framed by these clouds.

As I post this, I am longing to be there again right now!  So, until my next adventure….


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