Hello Fall…beautiful Fall

Fall is a favorite time of year for photographers all over.  Those amazing colors only come once a year.  We live near some incredible views, but it’s not that near.  So, we can’t go without some planning.  We set a plan to take an afternoon off and go see the leaves.  Each time we made this plan, something got in the way!  Finally, we made it up to the mountains and it was beautiful.  Luckily, there are still a lot of trees that haven’t turned, so we can go back again and again.

We drove to Sorensons area first and worked our way back.  Some of our favorite spots are just not quite ready for a spectacular photo.  But, this cabin is a photo op at any time!


These photos were taken at Caples Lake.  The color there was so beautiful.


I love the sun through the trees.  I took about a million shots of the exact same thing.  lol



Walking back to the car, Buster is anxiously waiting.  Pookie is laying in the backseat.  I love having the doggies along.


2 days later, we are up here again.  There is still a LOT  of fall to photograph.  Ah.  This time we hubby was shooting a portrait session, and I was just along for the ride.

I know it’s graffiti, and I DO love nature,  but I just love the way it looks on these aspens.  So pretty.


I also think that these puffy weeds are pretty cool.  See the big heart in the tree behind it?


Those colors.  Amazing.


And, then, this.  Snow.  Yes, they predicted it.  But, they aren’t always right.  This time they were.

The drive home was really fun.  Yes.  We had chains.  But, it wasn’t sticking, so we didn’t need them.

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