Silver Lake Camping with Friends

When my girlfriends found out we got our own camper, they wanted to make a date right away to go camping together.  Silver Lake is a favorite of all of us.  We represented a variety of campers!  We have our popup tent trailer, my friend has an adorable scamper and my other friend had their motorhome out for it’s first trip.   We did a lot of getting ready and we came super close to my goal of having our camper packed and ready without needing to prepare.  My plan is to only have to pack our clothes and food in the car and everything else we need is always in the camper.  And, this trip was the debut of my new Glamping Pillow Chairs.  Oh my goodness.  They are fabulous!  I will make a video to show you how to make them.  So comfy!

I was alarmed when I checked the weather for our trip.  It said rain!!  What?  Sunny days for weeks before and for weeks after….but on our 3 days, RAIN.  At the last minute we picked up a huge tarp.  When we got to camp and got all set up, we were sitting around visiting and enjoying our friends company.  I told hubby that it might be a good idea to get that tarp out ahead of time so we wouldn’t have to scramble if it did rain.  So, he got it out and tied it off and did his whole boy scout thing.  I would say that about ONE MINUTE after he finished putting that tarp up, it HAILED!  Thunder, rain…the whole thing.  It was glorious.  I love  a good storm.  And we didn’t have to worry about our tent trailer one bit.  Luckily there wasn’t any wind.


This was our gathering spot.  Our little doggies are safe and happy in their crates.


I took a little video, so you can see what a fun time we had.

We did a LOT  of walking.  My friend, Virginia, never stops moving!  On that day, I got 23,000 steps on my fitbit.  Most days, I’m lucky to get 4k.  I need to do that more often!  We stayed close to camp until the rain stopped.  Then we ventured out for a hike.  It was so beautiful.  The storm was nearby, and it came a little too close for my comfort a couple of times.  But, it also made for those cloudy skies that make awesome photographs.  We found two amazing and beautiful lakes.  I want to go back again and see if the leaves have changed for fall.  We are already planning on making this at least an annual thing!  On our last day we took out the paddle boat.  We had planned for more water activities, but the rain put a stop to that.

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We could not get enough of this beautiful lake and the storm clouds reflecting in the water.  Wow.  So incredible.  There is hubby taking a shot.  Can you see him?

silver-lake-kirkwood-camping-2016-plasses-farrell-focus-farrellfocus-img_0185 silver-lake-kirkwood-camping-2016-plasses-farrell-focus-farrellfocus-img_0183 silver-lake-kirkwood-camping-2016-plasses-farrell-focus-farrellfocus-img_0176silver-lake-kirkwood-camping-2016-plasses-img_0126silver-lake-kirkwood-camping-2016-plasses-img_0122silver-lake-kirkwood-camping-2016-plasses-farrell-focus-farrellfocus-img_0221silver-lake-kirkwood-camping-2016-plasses-farrell-focus-farrellfocus-img_0210silver-lake-kirkwood-camping-2016-plasses-farrell-focus-farrellfocus-img_0207silver-lake-kirkwood-camping-2016-plasses-farrell-focus-farrellfocus-img_0206silver-lake-kirkwood-camping-2016-plasses-farrell-focus-farrellfocus-img_0203silver-lake-kirkwood-camping-2016-plasses-farrell-focus-farrellfocus-img_0200silver-lake-kirkwood-camping-2016-plasses-farrell-focus-farrellfocus-img_0195

Til next time….


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