Mountain Wildflowers

My last post was all about taking our precious granddaughter up to the mountains to teach her about photography.  Of course, that gave me the opportunity to capture some of the amazing wildflowers myself!

Our first stop was Silver Lake.  One fun thing that I will share.  My granddaughter and I were talking all week about a game that her family loves, Magic the Gathering.  It’s a card game and she taught me how to play.  While she was teaching me, she told me some of the stories behind the game, and one of them included a dragon.  When we got to Silver Lake, I pointed out the mountain  behind the lake and how it looks  like a dragon.  That really excited her.  A fun moment for us both.  Sometimes I think that dragon will spring to life and take off!


Our next stop is a favorite of ours.  Right next to the highway with beautiful aspens and a ton of wild flowers!  We got there at the perfect time of day.  The sun was giving us so much opportunity!


Love all the cool  details in these leaves with the sun providing  incredible backlight.



More incredible back lighting!!




I have always loved these giant dandelions.  They are just begging to be wished on!  However, when you blow on them, nothing much happens!  These are hardy mountain dandelions!!




I don’t know what this pink flower is, but it reminds me how many stunning colors you can find in nature.





Seeing the sunlight flooding this photo takes me right back to standing in this field of flowers.  I want to go back there right now!






This is Caples  Lake.  We got out and climbed up the rock to get the best view.  I never ever get tired of looking at this.




One of our new favorite places, Woods Lake.  If you get there at the right time, the reflection is just perfect.




I wanted to show you how cool these pine trees look with the new growth on the ends.  Almost like little flowers.




Here is the Woods Lake waterfall.  It was a little less than the last time we were there, and fading fast.  That’s how it goes with the changing seasons.



Here is the Woods Lake “tour” that I posted a few weeks ago:

We ended our photography day at Carson Pass. This place is so beautiful.  This photo was taken at dusk, just before dark.  I love the sky.  This view always takes my breath away.


Looking at these pictures gives me an itch to get in my car and drive up to the mountains to commune with nature.  ah.  Maybe I will.

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