Yosemite in the winter

We had an awesome day driving to Yosemite.  The weather was perfect (it snowed the day before).  We packed up our doggies and took a day trip to one of our favorite places on earth!  I always say that Yosemite is “ours”, other people just get to see it too! (jk)  We pretty much do the same things each time.  Hey, if it’s not broken……  We take the route that goes through Groveland, where there is a wonderful coffee shop called Firefall.  Yum!  And, they sell some organic homemade cookies there, you must try them!  I made a little video of the trip, so that I could take you along with us.

I have to share this incredible photo that my hubby shot at Yosemite Falls.

Yosemite Falls 2016 march winter snow steve farrell photography

On the way home, in the dark, I saw some lights up on El Capitan.  In my video, I tried to explain how gigantic this rock/mountain is.  When you see those little flashing lights and you realize that it’s climbers who are sleeping up there on their way to the top.  Well, wow.  How crazy is that.  Sometimes, you can signal them with your flashlight and have a little communication.  I didn’t have a “real” flashlight, so, boo.  In times past, we have had fun signalling people who were up on Half Dome at night.  Although, I’m not sure that you are supposed to go up there at night.


This was our first trip to Yosemite since they changed the names of some of the most Iconic places in the park.  The Ahwahnee Hotel is now the Majestic Hotel.  Curry Village is now Halfdome Village.  Those are the biggies.  I’ve heard that when they changed to a new company to run the park, the old company had already trademarked those names.  Although I can’t imagine how that is possible.  Those names have been there since the beginning.  I don’t know if I will ever get used to it.

They can change the names, but nothing can change the grandeur of the place.  If you have not visited yet, you must!!  People come from all over the world to see it.

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