Amazing Burney Falls

One thing I LOVE about Instagram is finding new places to go and explore.  I had seen photos of Burney Falls posted by people I follower and I really wanted to go see them.  But, WOW!  It’s far!!!  We thought about going on our way home from Eureka a few months ago, but we wouldn’t even make it there until after it was closed.  That’s when I realized I would have to actually make a plan to go see it.  On our next trip to Eureka to see our family, we chose to add a little detour to see Burney Falls.  We left pretty early in the morning and got there in the afternoon.  It was more than an hour from Redding.


It was a beautiful drive and we were blessed with blue skies and puffy clouds.  We were hoping for cloud cover when we got there, cloudy days are the best you could hope for with regard to photographing waterfalls.  As we got closer, the clouds dissipated, and we were left with sunny skies.  Oh the horror…grins.

Here is my video tour of the falls:

It was COMPLETELY worth the drive!  These falls are amazing!  The signs told us that the waterfall is fed from underground.  That’s one of the things that make them special.  The water is actually coming out from underground and that makes it so unique and different from other waterfalls.  It flows year round and it’s HUGE!   We wanted to stay and stay.  I want to go back and stay in the campground.  I love that it’s a State Park and that it’s maintained.  That is all thanks to the foresight of the land owners back in the 1920’s for donating it and preserving it for future generations to enjoy.

The Falls are called Burney after Samuel Burney.  He died in the area and the locals began calling it the place “where Burney died”, even though he never owned it.  Pioneer settlers, John and Catherine McArthur bought the land and settled there.  In the 1920’s much of the land in the area was being bought up by PG&E for hydroelectric power.  The McArthur’s son’s, Frank and Scott donated the land  surrounding the falls to the State for a park requesting that it be named for their parents.  Today, it is called McArthur Burney Falls State Park.  For more history:

McArthur Burney Falls State Park

Here is an article from the Sacramento Union newspaper, June 8, 1920


I’m so glad that these men gave this gift to all of us!!

Being a State Park, it has wonderful signs with information about the falls, beautiful walking trails and a campground.   I wish you could I could share with you how cool it is to hear and see the falls and you make your way down.  I just love this view through the trees.


IMG_0288-burney-falls-california-2016-trail IMG_0292-burney-falls-california-2016-trail IMG_0298-burney-falls-california-2016-trail-steps

And, then you see it!  Spectacular!  It’s loud and large.  We could have just sat there all day.  Taking about a thousand photos!  Here are my favorites.

IMG_0198-burney-falls-california-2016-sunflare IMG_0265-burney-falls-california-2016-sunflareIMG_0282-burney-falls-california-2016-sunflare

If you are ever in Redding….you MUST take a detour and see this for yourself!  You will not regret it!

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