Amazing Sunset in the mountains

We drove up to the mountains for an engagement shoot with plans to go to several different places.  Each place was even more stunning than the next.

This was our first stop.  Hubby took this amazing photo of Elle and Josh.


Everywhere around us was beautiful.  I snapped a few of my own.


Then we went to the amazing waterfall.  We have been here often this summer.  This spot would normally be under water.  But, because of the drought, we were treated to this super cool rocky waterfall. We will be happy for the drought to end, but we will both miss this waterfall!  Another one of hubby’s photos from the day.


We planned to go to a higher place for sunset, and on the way we stopped.  Hubby went out in to this meadow and deemed it “not photo worthy”, until he looked up and saw THIS!  It was a HUGE enormous rainbow.  It looked like an explosion in the sky.  So, we quickly grabbed his gear and our couple and worked toward an amazing shot.  The sky was fading soooooo fast!  It was one of those mad rush moments!


The result was WORTH IT!  It was one of those moments when it all lines up.  The couple was amazing.  She had the PERFECT dress for this shot.  It’s hard to find a full, flowy dress!  And, the sky.  That sky.  Ah.   12039771_898117993609114_1331089508980555072_n

By the way.  I am actually in this shot, as I am in many of hubby’s shots.  I’m flipping the dress.  I try to get out of the way, but most of the time, he erases me out of the photo.  There is quite an art to dress flipping.  If I may say so myself!  If you want to see more of my husband’s amazing photos, visit our website: or follow us on Facebook:

Next we went to another favorite spot.  This is Carson Pass on Highway 88.  It overlooks Red Lake.  I love love love this spot.  On this day the sky was ON FIRE!  It was one of those sunsets that you always hope for.  So beautiful.  I could have taken hundreds of the same photos over and over.  Wait.  I think I did just that.


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