Mountain Drive

I love the mountains sooooo much!  It’s beautiful year round!  Winter is not my favorite, simply because there is soooo much snow, and after a while all my pictures seem to look alike.  I am waiting waiting waiting for SPRING!   We love to drive up to this area because it’s not far from where we live and because it’s so BEAUTIFUL!!  We come up for fun and photos and we come up with clients for portraits.  If you want to see some of my hubby’s amazing portraits in this area, click here:  He wanted to check and see if some of our favorite places are “ready” for portrait sessions.  Here is a quick video tour of what we found:

The verdict is….it’s not quite ready yet.  We need a little less snow and a little more green.  And, wildflowers would be a plus.  Guess we will just have to keep checking! <grins>

I did see some amazing photo opportunities.  This vista feels like standing on top of the world.  The view is Red Lake and we are still in California near Hope Valley.  I adore puffy clouds.  Click on any photo to see an enlarged version.


This is Hope Valley.  I love this spot.  It’s so peaceful and pretty.  You can get a sense of it in the video.  I also think the old fence gives it some extra interest.


And, it’s just as beautiful without the fence.


Old barbed wire.


This is the same place, looking the opposite direction, from across the road.   No matter where you look, it’s nature’s beauty.


I’m sill in the same spot and here is a very cool tree that is right next to where we parked.  Can you tell I’m in heaven?


Up the road just a little, past Sorenson’s.  We stopped at a little bridge.  The water was so beautiful.  This scene is stunning in the fall too!


Going back over the pass.  I could not resist capturing these clouds.  Love.


Right next to the road, we saw a waterfall.  This won’t be here long.  We HAD to stop.  You can see the waterfall in all it’s glory in my video.  This is my slow shutter speed silky water version.



Hubby took a picture of me, taking a picture.  Yep.  We have all kinds of fun!


I love this weathered old tree.  Funny thing.  Hubby asked me where this was.  We spend the day together, looking at the same things, and still come home with two different perspectives.


I could sit here for days.  This is Caples Lake.  Every view is amazing!




Hubby’s favorite pic of mine from this day is this old tree.  I love it too!


Last stop.  Sun is setting.  I adore this aspen grove.  It’s pretty when it’s bare bones, spring green or fall yellow.


Hope you enjoyed our little Mountain Drive.  Thank you for stopping by!

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