January Portraits and new backdrops

I made some new backdrops for my studio and I needed to test them out.  My daughter is always ready to help.  She has such great style!  She really knows how to put it all together.  Plus I think she’s beautiful!  And, I’m NOT biased!  <grins>  I love how they turned out.  However….they really didn’t work out and I need to replace them with something thicker that will stand up.  Back to the drawing  board!

IMG_9027-sacramento-jackson-portrait-photographer-stephanie-farrell-2015 IMG_9028-sacramento-jackson-portrait-photographer-stephanie-farrell-2015 IMG_9079-sacramento-jackson-portrait-photographer-stephanie-farrell-2015 IMG_9115-sacramento-jackson-portrait-photographer-stephanie-farrell-2015

IMG_9128-sacramento-jackson-portrait-photographer-stephanie-farrell-2015 IMG_9160-sacramento-jackson-portrait-photographer-stephanie-farrell-2015

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