Ocean Camping Trip, Boondocking with our new generator

We had such a great time on this trip! It was our third time to return to Ocean Cove Campground and the first time in our new hybrid camper. For this trip, I finished the cushion covers, and they turned out great. Ocean Cove does not have any hookups, so we really put our trailer to the test. You can hear all about it in my video about this trip: We had our challenges, for sure! But, we had an amazing time and we both just can’t wait to come back. It’s so special. We also took some time to take a few photos and I want to share just a few of my favs with you. I love this beautiful wildflowers that were just along the side of the road.  Worth the stop.
These sea otters were perfectly camouflaged.  I don’t even know if I would have seen them if hubby had not pointed them out to me.  lol. As if the ocean is not cool enough…these rock formations are just so interesting.  And, thank you seagulls, for flying right in to my shot! Who can resist a walking path?  I wish I was there right now! Sunset.  Over the ocean.  I just love it.  And, the cool part is that this photo is taken standing right in our campsite.  Take me back!!! We sat here for hours.  It is like a reset for our souls. Another shot from our campsite.  And, again, thank you seagulls! My very first time to attempt to shoot stars.  And, what better place to be than on the edge of the world.  Milky Way.  So beautiful. Here is my boy, Buster.  He is so precious.  And, one of the funnest parts of camping.  Love you Buster!!

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