DIY Easy RV Cushion Covers How To

I’m so excited to share with you how I covered my cushions on my New (to  me)  Hybrid Camper.  I used the same method that I used when I covered  the cushions in my Pop Up Tent Trailer, and I made a video of those cushions also.  That video can be found on my You Tube Channel. This tutorial would work for any kind  of cushions that you want  to recover.  I think it’s pretty easy and anyone can do it. I wrote down step by step instructions for myself, so  I  thought I would share them with you.  If you would like to sew along with me, watch my YouTube Video.  And, while you’re there, subscribe  to see  more videos.  I post other how to’s for my trailer, trips that we take, random life, fashion, sewing and more.  I would love to have you as one  of my subscribers!  And, please  leave a comment.  🙂  I also have a facebook group, Farrell Focus.  Come join us and share your thoughts on this video and others.

If you have any questions or comments, the best way to contact me is on Facebook, come find me: 

I would love to see how your cushions turned out!

Easy RV Cushions

No Zipper, No Velcro.

Step 1 – measure cushions, Add a seam allowance on all sides. I used 1” to be simple, use whatever seam allowance you like. 

Measure all the way around for both the width and  again for length.

Step 2 – Choose Fabric. I used home décor fabric from Joanns. You will need to know how wide your fabric is, so you will know how much to get. If you need help, watch my video on measuring your cushions for fabric.

Step 3 – Cut fabric. For smaller cushions you will have one piece of fabric, for larger ones, you will have two. Iron your fabric to remove any set in wrinkles. I recommend that you do NOT wash the fabric. The stiffer it is the better.

Step 4 – Sew 3 sides right sides together.

Tip: Sew the long side first. Then sew each side starting from the long side that you just stitched. Try them on your cushion. Mark where your corners will go, and where your final seam will go.

Tip: use the zipper side of your original cushion as the bottom.

Tip: when you try on your cover, is it snug? If it isn’t, adjust (re-do) seam to make it snug.

Step 5 – machine sew a small amount of final (hand sewn) seam. Sew all corners.

Tip:  If you do not know how to square off the corners, I explain and show you in my video.

Step 6 – Place on cushion. Easier said than done!! Just sayin.

Step 7 – Hand Sew long seam, use invisible stitch.  Here is a great video tutorial on the invisible stitch or ladder stitch.

You’re done!! Happy Camping!!

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