Giant trees, flower wreath and beautiful girls

I had the awesome opportunity to shoot in a forest of Giant Sequioas with my beautiful granddaughters and my daughter in law.  They all three look like sisters!!  My hubby was my assistant for this shoot.  Which is only fair since I am usually his assistant.  The lush forest was filled with incredible light and stunning colors.  The girls all wore green, which blended in perfectly.  We had the BEST time.  All three are awesome models and the camera just LOVES them!

This is the beautiful Tenaya.  She has soulful eyes and the most amazing freckles (that she gets from her mom).  She’s very tall and would make an incredible model!  They all would!  I only wish they lived closer.


This is the beautiful Aurora.  She has the most unusual and fabulous hair!  She’s a natural at finding great poses, which is a real treat for a photographer.


The lighting was amazing.  Everything just glowed.  We lost some of the light as the shoot progressed, but it was still just beautiful.  This forest is right in town (Eureka).  You don’t have to hike miles and miles to get to it.  Just park the car, walk down a short path….and there you are!  How cool is that?


Natural smiles are always my favorite.  I love seeing the happiness in a person.


Great backdrop, beautiful lighting and a beautiful model.  Perfect.


And now…..the smile.


A slightly more dramatic angle changes everything!


Mom and her beautiful daughters.  I love the bare feet.

IMG_0688_stephanie_farrell_photography IMG_0709_stephanie_farrell_photography IMG_0713_stephanie_farrell_photography

They are each unique and yet they all have so much in common.


Time flies.  I”m so glad that I had this opportunity to capture the girls before they get much older and even start moving on to live their own lives.  This is such a special time in life.


This family is just as happy as they look.  More even!!  I’m so proud of them.

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