Wedding Shootout

No….not that kind of “shootout”!  This was a gathering of wedding photographers at a wedding venue, Sacramento Association of Realtors.  The host was AFWPI (Association for Wedding Professionals).  They had models in wedding gowns with professional Hair and Makeup.  It was super fun.  I love that there was a combination of Traditional Wedding gowns and Indian Wedding gowns.  And, WOW, what a difference.  The Indial outfits were an explosion of color!  I just loved both.  The models were a ton of fun to shoot with, they were up to anything!  And, the other photographers were a blast to shoot with, all of us sharing our knowledge and ideas.IMG_2026_Stephanie_Farrell_Photography IMG_2137_Stephanie_Farrell_Photography IMG_2153_Stephanie_Farrell_Photography IMG_2213_Stephanie_Farrell_Photography IMG_2229_Stephanie_Farrell_Photography IMG_2264_Stephanie_Farrell_Photography IMG_2274_Stephanie_Farrell_Photography IMG_2296_Stephanie_Farrell_Photography

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