Spending time with my Granddaughter

Those moments spent with family….that’s what life is all about.  I am so blessed in the family department.  I have 3 great kids, who grew up to be awesome people.  I love spending time with them.  And, now…they have amazing kids!  My two granddaughters are almost all grown up now.  In fact, my oldest granddaughter is already in college!  Her sister is still at home and we recently had a really fun visit.  We went everywhere!!  We made a list of all the things we wanted to do.  We wanted to go out and take photos.  Check.  We wanted to go out to tea. Check.  We talked and talked.  We decided to write a story together.  She writes a chapter and I write a chapter.  It’s super fun.

We took a LOT of selfies!!  The cool thing about that is….it will help us remember all the fun things we did.

We drove “upcountry” more than once!  I love the Starbucks pic, because, minutes after we took that selfie, I SPILLED my entire mocha!  It went EVERYWHERE.  The next photo is us watching Wonder Woman in a theater I have never been to before.  It had huge recliner chairs.  I will never go anywhere else to watch a movie!!! And, it had reserved seating.  Then it was upcountry AGAIN!!  We both took a lot of photos.  Next up, we went to tea.  And, walked around a historic gold rush town.  Then upcountry AGAIN.  This time with Grandpa.  He gave some awesome photographer coaching to our next gen photographer.  And, the last photo is on the way home, we stopped at Stanley Lane to walk among the huge eucalyptus trees.  We also had a really great dinner in Petaluma….wish I had a photo of that!  And, I wish I had a film of how happy she was to see her Mom and Dad.  Love that family.


We had an awesome time.  And, this girl was SO happy to see her parents too!  It’s good to miss the ones we love once in a while.

This is the video we made together for my youtube channel.  Enjoy!

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