Bride in the Mountains, with Molly

My friend Molly got married recently.  Her wedding was awesome by the way!!  She was willing to put on her wedding dress for a creative shoot in the High Sierras.   The cool thing is that Molly works in the area and was able to show us some very cool places that we had never been to.  These are my photos from the day.

IMG_7667 IMG_7673  IMG_7765    IMG_7824  IMG_7903

After we shot these photos Molly asked if we could go to the lake to a special beach in remembrance of her Dad.  It was Father’s Day.  What a great idea.  It was so touching.


Molly wrote these words on Facebook to go with this photo:

“Here lies a man whom I adore, you may think you haven’t met him before. But if you’ve felt my charm or endured my fight, you have met my dad alright. Its been long since we’ve heard his voice, and I know neither one of us had the choice. Well, I miss you Pa and today I sit at your beach and remember it all. Happy Father’s Day”


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