Not just one, but TWO Rainbows!

We do not need an excuse to drive up to the mountains.  If we have a free day or even an afternoon, we are off!  On this day the sky was so beautiful!!  I LOVE clouds.  This field of wildflowers was amazing.

IMG_5642-High-Sierra-wild-flowers-stephanie-farrell-photography-2015 IMG_5644-High-Sierra-wild-flowers-stephanie-farrell-photography-2015

Whenever we can,we bring the “boys”.  Buster and Pookie.  It’s a his-hers kind  of thing.  Buster  is my doggie and Pookie is all hubby!  Here is my mountain  doggie posing on high.  Don’t worry.  I never take his leash off.  I could not bear it if he ran off and got lost.  So,  I simply erased his leash in photo shop.  🙂 IMG_5670-High-Sierra-Caples-Lake-stephanie-farrell-photography-2015

IMG_2231-buster-2015 IMG_2239 IMG_5662-High-Sierra-Caples-Lake-stephanie-farrell-photography-2015

There is a cool  little place  that we both love to come to.  It’s called the Hope Valley Cafe & Market.  There have the BEST chocolate chip cookies on the planet.

We drove to a cool waterfall at Lake Tahoe.  The water is running low, it’s fall  and we are in a drought.  But, there IS still water and it MUST be photographed!  Hubby and I were both taking a zillion photos of this waterfall when another photographer showed up and pointed out this awesome rainbow.  We were so busy looking at the waterfall, we might have missed it!!  And, while  we were watching, another rainbow showed up!  TWO rainbows.  And, they both stayed for a long time.  These photos were taken with my Iphone.  It’s hard to see the second rainbow from my phone  pic.

IMG_2243-double-rainbow-lake-tahoe-2015 IMG_2254-double-rainbow-lake-tahoe-2015-iphone

Here in my shot from my Canon, you can see the second rainbow.  Isn’t it pretty?IMG_5728-High-Sierra-Lake-Tahoe-double-rainbow-waterfall-stephanie-farrell-photography-2015We stopped  at our favorite restaurant in Tahoe, Passaretti’s, and I took this phone pic of the beautiful sunset.  Perfect ending to a perfect day!


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