Fall is my favorite color!

Well, actually Blue is my favorite color…lol.  But, I just LOVE fall.  The amazing colors.  Just taking our dog walks is glorious!  We love to drive up to the mountains this time of year and catch the fall colors.  It goes away SO fast.  Too fast.  I think that is one of the greatest things about photography.  Being able to capture those moments and freeze them forever.  These are just a few of my latest photos of fall colors.

I’ve noticed the last few years that the seasons seem to be coming  faster.  I don’t know.  It’s almost like a quickening.  Is that aging?  I look forward to each season, but I don’t want to rush them.  It’s not that I’m trying to be morbid, but I’m at the point of wondering, ‘how many autumns do I have left”.  Is that weird?  I’m almost 60.  And, I know that I’m not going to live forever.  If I live to be 90, then I have 30 autumns left.  When I think of it that way, it doesn’t sound like a lot.  EW.  That was dark.  Here is how I lighten up that thought.  I’m going to enjoy  the HECK out of THIS moment.  How about that?

When I was young, I didn’t think at all about how long I was going to live.  I was just in the moment.  Maybe now that I think about it more, I’ll cherish moments more. That’s my plan!

So, enjoy my fall colors.  There will be more!!  And, then….glorious winter!!


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