Beautiful Crystal Hermitage Tulip Gardens at Anonda Village

I have waited all year for another chance to visit this amazing place.  I loved all the beautiful photos I was able to capture last year.  This year was just as beautiful and yet different in many ways.  Last year, we went well in to the season.  This year, it was almost too early.  It was obvious that there were still many blooms to come.  But, this is what worked for our schedule.

One thing that I really really wanted to do this year, was to take the same photo that I took last year and see if I could improve on it.  Now, I have to photos that I love and they are almost the same, but still different.  I want to enlarge the photo on canvas for my living room.  Instead of coming home with a clearly better photo, now I have two that I can’t decide on which is the best.  Ugh.

You tell me:

This first photo is from 2016.  It was slightly later in the bloom cycle, so there are more flowers.  The path is more dirt than grass due to traffic.  The sun is brighter, and there are shadows on the church.  The second photo is 2017.  It was early in the season.  The green is more of a spring “new” green.  Less flowers.  No blue sky.  The clouds, however, offered a softer, more even light. No sun or shadows on the church.  The tree across from the church has some dead branches.

So, which one do you like better?  Leave a comment and let me know!

Nature amazes me.  I just can get enough of these beautiful flowers.


I think of this photo as the “promise” of spring.  I wish I lived closer to this garden.  I would have gone to see it everyday!!

I hope you enjoyed my walk through this amazing garden.  It’s called Crystal Hermitage Garden and is part of Ananda Village, near Grass Valley California.


You can visit their website at:

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