Yosemite in the fall

We love love love Yosemite.  But, we have been so busy for so long…we realized we haven’t been there in ages.  So, off we went!!

I just love these fall colors!


This is Half Dome.

I love all these cool reflections.

This is El Capitan.

This is the view from the patio at the Majestic Lodge.  I will never ever get used to this name.  It has always been called the Ahwahnee.  

The entrance to the Ahwahnee and the lobby.


As the sun started to set, the lighting became much more interesting.  And, beautiful.

We normally stay in the valley until it’s dark.  It was nice to see this view as the sun was setting.  Love that warm glow.

I hope you enjoyed my little tour of Yosemite.  I hope to go back for Winter and Spring.  It’s such a beautiful place all year long.





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