Amador County’s popular Daffodil Hill

This beautiful place is one of the (if not the NUMBER ONE) destinations for tourists in Amador County. And, it’s only open a few weeks each year!! The story behind the lovely flowers is that the wife of the original homesteader wanted flowers that reminded her of home. So, she planted bulbs and continued each year to grow more. Her descendants continue to maintain and grow these flowers as a family tradition. There is no entrance fee, but there are donation cans for those who want to help defray the cost of upkeep on the farm. The happy yellow and white flowers blanket the hillside creating a spectacular view for all. Peacocks roam the grounds and there is a nice lawn picnic area surrounded by flowers planted in all sorts of antique cast offs. The season is usually early to mid March and ends in April. This year, the season was cut short by a series of rain storms. We didn’t have time to go see it, so I convinced hubby to run by one afternoon to take a few photos “just in case” it closed early….and it DID! So Glad we took that afternoon, it was actually sprinkling on us while we were there.





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