Welcome to Farrell Focus! I’m Stephanie Farrell, and I’m so glad that you stopped by my little blog about ….well, a little bit of everything!  My husband, Steve and I are full time photographers with a studio in Jackson California.  Our little cottage is in the mountains and we love the country life.  We work together, travel together….yep…we hang out together.  We both have a passion to see new places.  I’m also a history buff and naturally curious person.  I’ve been a freelance writer for years, newspaper, magazines and copywriting.  Family is the heart of our lives.  Our kids are all grown and have families of their own.  We both love music and look back fondly to our days in a band.

I love social media and I would love to connect with you on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, youtube and Instagram.  I invite you to visit my crafty blog-  Lulu’s Cottage. My husbands beautiful photography can be viewed at www.farrellphotography.net.  And, my Isagenix page that is all about my health coaching and home based business coaching!Thanks for stopping by! I look forward to getting to know you.

If you are curious, here is a little bit of my background.

FirIMG_2553-300x200st and foremost, I’m a family person. I’m happily married, raised three great kids and have two beautiful granddaughters and one very precious grandson (so far). My house is quiet, except for two cats and three dogs that provide daily entertainment. I love the country life. It took me a few years to say that and mean it. I was raised in suburbia for the most part, where everyone had a similar house and yard. I have found that once you go country, you can never go back!

I turned 50 in 2009 and it feels like I started a new chapter in my life. The first 50 were great in many ways and I had my fair share of struggles (I may have even had a few extra thrown in). But now, I feel like I finally know who I am. It seems like I was always something to someone else. Someone’s daughter, then someone’s wife, then someone’s mom. Now, I feel like I’m me first, then I’m all of those things.

The first 50 in a flash; moved a LOT as a kid, married the love of my life, raised 3 great kids, have already been blessed with 3 wonderful granddaughters and grandson, had a career in the beauty business for 17 years as an image consultant, lived in the city, settled in the country….it seems like those first 50 were on FAST FORWARD most of the time. My house was always a mess (as opposed to now, when you may just find it clean and pretty…sometimes), I was always driving someone, somewhere. I was always looking for someone’s something.

I live in the country and as a former city girl, I will tell you (shhhh it’s a secret), country is better! I live in the mountains and it’s like living in a park. I can’t see a neighbor from my house, so it feels private and secluded. I enjoy the seasons and having nature around everywhere I look.





steve and stephanie farrell 2015 photographer photography IMG_4298-stephaniefarrell-stephanie-farrell-stevefarrell-steve-farrell-2015 IMG_4144-stephaniefarrell-stephanie-farrell-stevefarrell-steve-farrell-2015 IMG_2254-double-rainbow-lake-tahoe-2015-iphone

We LOVE to take pictures!  We have a busy lifestyle and we wouldn’t have it any other way.  Bring on the travel!!

Thank your for stopping by my website and blog.  I look forward to meeting you!
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