Vintage Trailers at Trailerfest Rally 2016 at Tower Park in Lodi

I love love love vintage!  All things vintage.  When I look at these treasures from the past, I wonder who owned them and what they were doing.  It’s the closest thing to time travel.

I had the Trailerfest in my calendar for a year.  As the date came closer, it was sadly predicting a heck of a rain storm.   Sunny the whole week before and SUNNY the whole week after, but THAT weekend….RAIN.  What?  Boo.

I  tried to get a friend to come with me, hubby was working that day.  But, everyone was busy.  So, I went by myself.  I had to drive two hours to get there and I didn’t get there as early as I wanted.  I saw that they had 250 trailers entered in the show.  I wondered if I would even be able to see them all, let alone photograph each one.,

I made a decision to not even try to photograph all the trailers.  Maybe next time.  The hard thing about photographing a public show…is…the public.  They are all just as excited to see the beautiful trailers as I was, but it was hard to get any photos without people in them.  Which would be  fine if they would stop and smile, which…they don’t usually do.  lol

If hubby had been with me, I would have tried to make a video.  But, that was not possible by myself.  So, I stuck to photography.  The whole place was a photographer’s dream!

I walked as fast as I could so that I could see the whole show, and I did manage to do that.  Even though it was over when I got the the last of them.

So, I’m going to post my very favorites.  If you want to see all of my photos, I have an album at:

I would love to be able to tell you more about each trailer and auto.  If you know anything about them, please contact me, so that I can add the info.

If you would like to attend this fabulous event, visit their website at:

Oh. My. Gosh.  I just looked up this website to give you the link, and I found out that next year’s rally is right here in my own area!!  I am so freakin excited about this!!

Here are some of my favorites, CLICK on any photo to see it enlarged.

trailerfest-2016-tower-park-lodi-2960   trailerfest-2016-tower-park-lodi-2965 trailerfest-2016-tower-park-lodi-2964 trailerfest-2016-tower-park-lodi-2963 trailerfest-2016-tower-park-lodi-2962

This one is one of my favorites.  I love the colors!  I love pretty much everything about it.  How adorable is this?
I also visited with the couple who were showing  this trailer and they were so friendly.  Pretty much everyone I talked to told me that they go camping in their trailers often.  How cool is that?

trailerfest-2016-tower-park-lodi-2941 trailerfest-2016-tower-park-lodi-2939 trailerfest-2016-tower-park-lodi-2936 trailerfest-2016-tower-park-lodi-2938

I think I would  have loved the 1950’s.  My favorite color seems to have been the rage!

trailerfest-2016-tower-park-lodi trailerfest-2016-tower-park-lodi-2804 trailerfest-2016-tower-park-lodi-2805 trailerfest-2016-tower-park-lodi-2806

trailerfest-2016-tower-park-lodi-2980   trailerfest-2016-tower-park-lodi-2985 trailerfest-2016-tower-park-lodi-2982 trailerfest-2016-tower-park-lodi-2981

trailerfest-2016-tower-park-lodi-2931 trailerfest-2016-tower-park-lodi-2934 trailerfest-2016-tower-park-lodi-2933 trailerfest-2016-tower-park-lodi-2932

trailerfest-2016-tower-park-lodi-2926 trailerfest-2016-tower-park-lodi-2930 trailerfest-2016-tower-park-lodi-2928 trailerfest-2016-tower-park-lodi-2927

trailerfest-2016-tower-park-lodi-2922 trailerfest-2016-tower-park-lodi-2925 trailerfest-2016-tower-park-lodi-2924 trailerfest-2016-tower-park-lodi-2923

trailerfest-2016-tower-park-lodi-2889 trailerfest-2016-tower-park-lodi-2894 trailerfest-2016-tower-park-lodi-2893 trailerfest-2016-tower-park-lodi-2895

trailerfest-2016-tower-park-lodi-2900 trailerfest-2016-tower-park-lodi-2901 trailerfest-2016-tower-park-lodi-2902

trailerfest-2016-tower-park-lodi-2884 trailerfest-2016-tower-park-lodi-2885 trailerfest-2016-tower-park-lodi-2886

This was probably the most spacious trailer, in my opinion.  I just love the 1960’s vibe.

trailerfest-2016-tower-park-lodi-2871 trailerfest-2016-tower-park-lodi-2877 trailerfest-2016-tower-park-lodi-2875 trailerfest-2016-tower-park-lodi-2876

This trailer was unusual.  I has this unique wrap around window.  Love it!

trailerfest-2016-tower-park-lodi-2852 trailerfest-2016-tower-park-lodi-2851 trailerfest-2016-tower-park-lodi-2850 trailerfest-2016-tower-park-lodi-2849

trailerfest-2016-tower-park-lodi-2846 trailerfest-2016-tower-park-lodi-2845 trailerfest-2016-tower-park-lodi-2843 trailerfest-2016-tower-park-lodi-2842

trailerfest-2016-tower-park-lodi-2822 trailerfest-2016-tower-park-lodi-2825 trailerfest-2016-tower-park-lodi-2824 trailerfest-2016-tower-park-lodi-2827

The Trailerfest had a theme, Christmas in October.  I love how much everyone got in to the spirit!

trailerfest-2016-tower-park-lodi-2808 trailerfest-2016-tower-park-lodi-2813 trailerfest-2016-tower-park-lodi-2810 trailerfest-2016-tower-park-lodi-2809

trailerfest-2016-tower-park-lodi-3 trailerfest-2016-tower-park-lodi-6 trailerfest-2016-tower-park-lodi-5 trailerfest-2016-tower-park-lodi-4

And, the cars….drool.  Love them!

trailerfest-2016-tower-park-lodi-2865 trailerfest-2016-tower-park-lodi-2864 trailerfest-2016-tower-park-lodi-2859 trailerfest-2016-tower-park-lodi-2857

trailerfest-2016-tower-park-lodi-2855 trailerfest-2016-tower-park-lodi-2783 trailerfest-2016-tower-park-lodi-2972

I truly loved  this show.  I can’t wait to go again!

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    How FUN!!!! i think Christmas in October is my favorite!!! ?

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