Spring Flowers

I assisted Steve at a photoshoot yesterday.  Mostly I just help with lighting, holding things etc.  But, when I wasn’t busy I snapped these photos of some very pretty flowers.  It was a beautiful warm day.  Our photoshoot was for a sweet couple, Jessy and Eric who are getting married in March.  They were super fun to work with and the pictures came out fabulous.  Go to Farrell Photography to see them.

poppies lupens grass on a hillside

I could not get enough of these flowers!  They are so pretty.

poppies grass and lupens green grass poppies lupens on a hillsdie close up of poppy flower in grass

I love the river.  I have so many happy memories of bringing my kids here. Just the other day my daughter was talking about how much she is looking forward to bringing Jamie to the river.  I’m glad that her memories are happy too!

Electra road Jackson Mokelumne River mokelumne river at electra road

I loved this little spray of green grass in the midst of these cool tree roots.

tree roots and grass

roots tree and grass

We had a really fun day.  The weather was perfection!  We even played around with some very interesting photo techniques that we will be using at Jessy’s wedding.  I can’t show you those pictures……Shhhhh it’s a secret!

blue skies pink and white clouds

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