Spring Fever

It was so nice and warm for a while and then it turned cold again.  I’ve had a taste of warmer weather and now I have spring fever!  I love walking outside and just enjoying nature.  These flower photos were taken here at home.


 I know that the yellow ones are just weeds that will get mowed, but right now, they are so pretty!

yellow flower stephcentral  IMG_4855 IMG_4854

This dogwood tree is just starting to bloom.  When we walked out there to see it, I was disappointed to see that it was in shade.  And, as we were walking away, a cloud moved and the sun came down and lit the tree with some amazing light.

IMG_4917 IMG_4914


This one is my favorite.  Thanks to hubby for sharing his photo knowledge with me.  I’m just grasshopper to his wisdom!

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