Spicer Dam Reservoir drought update and Utica Lake

The first time I saw this beautiful lake, I just fell in love with it!  It’s waaaaaay out in the middle of the wilderness.  It was 2013 and the water level was just fine.  Last summer, I wanted to go back and see it again.  Wow.  We were shocked.  The water level was so far down, it was crazy.

You can read all about it here: https://farrellfocus.com/spicer-resevoir-then-and-now-drought-conditions/

This year, we had more rain, and the water levels on many lakes and dams is coming back up.  So, we decided to go back to Spicer and take a look.  Yay!  The water is indeed back up.  It’s not to the top, but getting there.  Sad to see the waterfalls are now under water, but happy for the lake to be back.

Here is  a little tour for you:

It was a great day.  As usual, we had a hard time leaving the mountains before dark!

This photo is looking right where the waterfall was last year.  What an improvement!  Now that waterfall is all underwater!!


In my 2015 photos, this area was completely dry and had a waterfall running through it.    Much nicer now.


This is the same view, basically.  First photo 2013, second photo 2015, last photo 2016.

spicer-resevoir-2013-stephaniefarrell  boat-ramp-spicer-dam-resevoir-drought-stephcentral-2015  spicer-dam-reservoir-2016-9789

This view is from the other side of the lake, by the dam.  Love that beautiful mountain in the distance.


Next, hubby wanted to drive out to Utica Lake.  We wanted to go before, but after a few minutes on the rough road in our minivan, we turned around.  Now that we have this beast, we can go a lot more places!


And….it was worth the drive!  This little lake is so interesting.  It has a ton of unique views.  We need to come back and spend a couple days exploring.  Yes, they have camping.  <grins>

spicer-dam-reservoir-2016-9828 spicer-dam-reservoir-2016-9846 spicer-dam-reservoir-2016-9848 spicer-dam-reservoir-2016-9855 spicer-dam-reservoir-2016-9858 spicer-dam-reservoir-2016-9859

For my last photo of the day, I had to get out and take a picture of this.  I just thought it looked interesting.  Like the “road less traveled”.


I hope you enjoyed our little tour.  Check back often to see where we go next!

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