Sharing our photography passion with our granddaughter

We are photographers.  Full time.  My husband is the main guy in our business, but it’s also a family business.   Hubby’s a photographer, I’m a photographer, our son is a photographer and our daughter is our stylist/makeup artist.  So, our family is a photography family.   A few months ago, we were visiting our son and his family in Eureka and we scheduled a photoshoot with one of our wedding couples in Cresent City.  We invited our granddaughter to come with us.  And, we put her to work!!  The day was crazy.  It started out awesome and then a HUGE storm came in.  We almost called it off.  And, then there was a break in the storm and my husband got the most amazing photos.  The wind was blowing like crazy, it was really cold and our granddaughter was such a champ through it all, holding a light stand that threatened to take her off like Mary Poppins at any moment.

Here is a photo I took with my iphone, a peek behind the scenes:


Here is a live view:

We had such a fun time doing what we love and sharing it with the next generation!!

To see more of my hubby’s excellent art photography, visit


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