San Francisco with Emily

Emily and I always have fun together.  Every trip is an adventure!  We spent most of the day at the San Francisco Bridal show meeting new people at our booth.  I love booths.  There is a special camaraderie between all the different vendors.  It’s amazing how much stuff is brought in just for one day!!  Like an entire shopping center!  Here is our booth, which was made more beautiful by the fresh flowers loaned to us by the booth next door

IMG_0979Our Booth was popular, people  were mesmerized by the before and after slide show we had going.  You can read all about it at


When it was over, we walked to China Town to eat at Emily’s favorite vegetarian restaurant.  I was excited because I remember eating at this same restaurant with my sister many years ago.  At least 11 years!!  I saw something called “birds nest” on the menu.  I was laughing about it and the lady made one for us.  I never forgot that!!  So, of course, I had to order it!  Delish!


I love how festive it looks in China Town.  We needed a whole day to explore!!  But, we’ll take what we can get.  IMG_0988   IMG_0985

Emily was talking about Coit Tower and how she loves to go there.  I had to admit that I’ve never EVER been there!  I’ve been coming to San Francisco my whole life.  How had I missed this?  So, we HAD to go!  And, what a view:


IMG_0993 IMG_0995 IMG_1002

Our “selfie” to finish of the day.:

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