Rail Road Flat Red Hat Tea Party

I had the priviledge to photograph the Red Hat ladies at their tea party.  Let me tell you, this is a fun group!!  The tea party was held in the Town Hall in Rail Road Flat.  The organizer was Janet Bell.  The decorations were wonderful!  They had a complete fashion show with clothes provided by the Clothes Mine.  I usually am Steve’s helper in photography, not the main shooter.  So, this was fun for me.

20130419-IMG_5030 20130419-IMG_4968-2 20130419-IMG_4966

I loved the decorations.  They even had a special “Red Hat” Teacup.

20130419-IMG_5096  20130419-IMG_5085-2  20130419-IMG_5076 

Most of the ladies had fabulous hats!

20130419-IMG_5200-2 20130419-IMG_5122-2

Some were store bought and some were made by the ladies, like the one above on the right.

20130419-IMG_5098-2 20130419-IMG_5029-2


The food was traditional tea party faire with the MOST delicious cupcakes!!   Oh, my!

IMG_5071The clothing for the fashion show was provided by the Clothes Mine and organized by Tracy Lindenberger.

20130419-IMG_5206-2 20130419-IMG_5196-2 20130419-IMG_5192-2

The models were members of the club, and they did a fantastic job!

20130419-IMG_5245-2Thanks for having me, I hope you enjoy your pictures.

You can see more pictures and order prints at http://stephaniefarrell.smugmug.com/Photography/2013-04-19-Rail-Road-Flat-Red/29044127_rJp772

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