New Year New Decade New Goals

I’m looking back on my goals and plans for 2019. A whole year has passed. So. How did I do? Um. Ok, I guess? I did not do all of the things I planned, I did not achieve all of my goals. However. I did make some pretty awesome things happen. The biggest, I would say is our extended trip to Oregon.

Let me just say that this is something we have talked about for a long time. Hubby is a photographer and he does a lot of weddings. So, that makes travel for longer time periods almost impossible. Then there is the whole, can we afford this, etc. So, I said “let’s just do it!” and we put it in the calendar. Our TWO whole weeks got shortened to 9 days. It’s hard to say no to money when you are self employed. That is why we only go on short trips. But, let me say, that trip was amazing! And, it only makes me want MORE! So, another long trip is definitely a goal for 2020. And, lots of little goals.

I had big plans for my YouTube channel. I filmed the entire remodel of my trailer and I still haven’t edited most of them. So, that’s a goal for 2020.

Do you set goals? Or new year resolutions? I hear talk on both sides of this issue. I’m on the “hey it’s a brand new year…let’s make a plan” side.

I miss paper calendars. I love paper in general. I’m all digital and my cellphone is a literal part of my body. But, I miss my little planner that ran my life. Digital is just easier. And, my calendar is shared by my partners, so, this is best. But, I want to plan out my year, in general, so I need to get a REAL calendar. And, I’m going to be looking for more digital solutions to organization and planning too! I’ll keep you posted when I find things I love.

I’m going to make a BIG 2020 plan. It’s going on the wall. I’m going to make a vision board. I’m going to dream BIG.

For the past 5 or so years, I have felt a sort of ‘quickening’ in my life. It just sort of hit me that I don’t actually have forever. I’m going to have an end and it’s going to happen sooner than later. This decade of my 60’s must be filled with all the things I want to do. There is no guarantee of more time. And, the more I do now, the healthier I am, the more fit and able I am, the better my 70’s will be. So, all of that is a must for my goals. And, it starts now! It’s super easy to just settle in to comfort and procrastination. I’m the queen of that! I think that’s why I need to ponder the future and make plans and goals. Otherwise, the clock starts spinning out of control and the time just disappears.

One of my goals is to start writing again. I miss my blog. So, here I am. Making this happen. I was looking at my old blog, and I just loved looking back. It’s just a commitment that I didn’t keep.  And, I will just have to go for it again!

I’m going to write down all my goals. Then I will turn them into plans. Then steps. I’m excited. A whole new year. A whole new decade of possibility.

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