My New Podcast!! All about YouTube!

I have a confession.  My kids call me an interrogator.  Ha.  It’s pretty much true.  When I meet someone for the first time, I want to know all about them.  I ask lots of questions.  I’m not trying to be nosy.  It just comes natural to me. lol  Truly, I’m just curious.  I love the stories people tell.  I love the story of life.  Anyone’s life.  I want to know the long version.

In YouTube land, I want to know the story behind the person on every video I watch.  What is their life about?  What matters most to them?  Why did they start a channel?  Are they married? Kids?  Where do they live?  I could go on and on.  This is what propelled me the most in my newest obsession.

Let me start by telling you that I love podcasts.  I have been a podcast-a-holic for a long time.  I just like to listen while I’m driving, exercising, sewing, putting on makeup, cleaning.  It’s like an entertainment station, education, motivation…whatever I’m in the mood for.  I’m hooked.

Of course, I’m listening to podcasts about blogging, my fav is ProBlogger:
Those are my two favs in that category.

If I’m going to be honest…I also listen to some silly ones, like podcasts about the Bachelor (tv show).  And, I like to listen to serious ones about religion and personal development.  There is literally something for everyone!

With all the podcasts out there…why should I start one?  Well.  That’s a good question.

I was looking for podcasts that focus specifically on my age group.  I’m almost 60.  So, I typed in “women over 50”, “mature women”, and so on.  I didn’t find a lot, and the ones I did find, didn’t excite me.  I don’t want to know about dating in my 50’s (I’m married), or about health issues.  I mostly wanted to be entertained, enlightened and inspired.  And, since I love YouTube, a little more info on being better at that would be great!

I did not find a channel that had those elements.  And, that is how YouTube Connect was born.  I decided to just do it!  I had to figure out how to make a recording.  I bought a microphone.  I downloaded a program for mixing audio (how confusing is that?!).  I bought earphones.  I created a name.  I made a logo (thank you Canva!).  I made a test episode that became episode number 1.  I planned a list of questions to ask my first interview and tried them out on myself, and that became episode number 2.  I asked someone to be my first interview and she accepted!  Thank you to Marta!

We had such fun talking about YouTube!  And, I loved everything she had to say.  It’s just what I envisioned.  Of course, I had my glitches.  I didn’t have my new fancy microphone on.  I thought it was on, but it wasn’t.  And, the resulting sound, is not great.  You can hear Marta, and that’s what’s important to me.

So, I still have a lot to work on, technically.  And, I need to find some more willing guests to interview.

Right now, my podcast is being hosted on PodBean.  I just found it through a Google search.  It seemed the easiest to figure out, and that’s why I chose it.  Now, I want to figure out how to get it on Itunes.  I have applied, but I haven’t heard back yet.  That’s not a “no”, so I’m still hoping.

If you want to hear the Podcast

I’m so excited to see where this leads.  It’s been a fun challenge and I have already learned a lot.

My goal is to grow the podcast, help other people  start and grow a channel, expose and advertise other channels in our community by having  them as guests on the show.  And, basically just connect us all together so we can help each other.

Here is my video explaining my new podcast:

If you want to follow the podcast, ask questions, volunteer to be on the show…the best way to do those things is to join our Facebook Group

If this link does not take you there, search for “YouTube Connect”.

Join me there and let’s talk about all things YouTube!




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