My deck cushion makeover

This is my before and after.  It’s an improvement for sure and I’m pretty darned pleased with myself!!  <grins>



This sectional was always a favorite of mine, but alas, it has seen it’s better days.  I have had it since my daughter’s wedding and she is coming up on her 8 year anniversary.  So, a makeover is long over due.  I had moved this set to a place that was “out of site, out of mind”.  The cats have adopted it and scratched it.  Ew.  I have taken it back and given it a place of prominence.  I have this little porch area that is right in front of my house.  I had a little garden bench there, but it wasn’t much.  So, I moved my sectional to it’s new location and proceeded to give it a quick and easy makeover.  It’s not a place that anyone will actually ever sit and visit, so I just wanted something that was simple and looked decent.  I went to my “go to” source…..Pinterest.  I found a tutorial that sounded super easy and simple!  Rather than give you instructions, go read hers….and I will tell you ahead of time….her cushions turned out better than mine.   But, I’m still delighted with my results!

Click on the photo below to go to the instructional blog:


This is my before and after.  It’s an improvement for sure and I’m pretty darn pleased with myself!!  <grins>

before and after side by side sectional outside cushion recover

There are lots of things I would have done better in hindsight, but no worries,  I have other cushions to recover.  And,  just in case you want to avoid those nitpicky details that I regret….here is what I would have done differently.  First off, as in the instructional blog, I also decided to hand sew the open edge to my cushions.  When they get icky, I will replace them.  So, I wish I had paid closer attention to exactly where the hand sewn edges were.  Some of mine HAVE to show because the side that they are on is the top of the cushion and it can’t be swapped.  There is a little curve to the cushion and it only fits one way.  Same for the middle cushion.  I would have made all of my corners “neater”.  I wasn’t all that careful.  But, I did finish this project in a very short period of time.  Just a few hours.  So, there is that.  I also agree that keeping the old covers on the cushions and adding the new fabric on top of that, was a good idea.  Just gave them a firm shape.


Ew.  I was truly about to cart this set to the dump!!


It was lots of hand sewing.  But, I actually enjoy doing that while I listen to the radio or tv.


I used fabric from my “stash”, YAHOO!!  I keep saying that I need to get rid of some fabric.  And, this was a great way to get rid of fabric and get a new couch out of it!!

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    Looks great to me and I absolutely love the idea of using fabric from your stash!!

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