Mc Kinley Park Rose Garden

This was my first visit to McKinley park in Sacramento.  I’ve driven by and wanted to stop, but the time was never right.  I would love to go back and walk at my leisure.  For this visit, I was assisting my hubby with a photography shoot.  You can see the result of his photos on our photography blog, here:

I had some time in between shots to capture a few of my favorite flowers.  I love flowers of all types, however, roses are not my particular favorite.  This park has almost won me over with the spectacular variety of roses.

This story will tell you more about the history of the McKinley park rose garden:

I love the orange roses.  We were there at dusk and they were just glowing. IMG_5653_McKinley_Park_Stephanie_Farrell_Photography

I can never get close enough to flowers.  I think that they are amazing.


These are my favorites of all the flowers.


Another close up.  Incredible colors.  Mother nature is the best artist of all!


I took these photos with my Canon SLR camera.  The lighting was perfect.


This photo, which is similar to the one above was taken with my Iphone.  How cool is that?


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