Lavish Dulham Indian Bridal Show

Bright colors, exotic makeup, jewels and bling were all in abundance at the Lavish Dulhan Indian Bridal Fashion Show.   My friends, Beela and Dexe were the hair and makeup organizers for the fashion show.  The production behind the scenes is complicated, busy, crazy and all kinds of fun!!  My husband Steve of Farrell Photography, and I brought our cameras and spent the afternoon enjoying ourselves thoroughly!  There were a large number of models to prepare for the runway.  It may have seemed like mayhem, but underneath, there was a master plan of organization.  The result….from the audience perspective, it all went completely smoothly.

Before the fashion show began, we wandered through the vendor booth area.  I love the colors.  I just can’t get enough!

I have decided that we should all wear these beautiful dresses every day!!  Each one is a work of art!

I was fortunate to stake a spot right at the end of the runway.  Here are my pics, enjoy the show.  Credits to follow.

If I had to choose a favorite pic of the day, it might just be the one above.  This stunning model is so skilled at her craft.  As soon as my camera made the clicking sound, she moved to a new pose.  I was so excited, I just wanted to capture each new look!

I started to think that she would never run out of poses.  I said that we could just do this all day!!  Then she laughed.  Another one of my favorite pictures!  Models spoil me!!

This is my list of credits so far, if you have any to add, please leave me a comment!  I will update!

Jasmine Cardenas Lea Buehler Karina Martin Paula Volpe-Willis Julaine Dugan Hiral Henna Pam Edwards Stacey Barton  Sharon Petroski Bobby Johal , Julie Rodriguez

I would be happy to link to pages of models, hair, makeup, fashion, accesories, etc.  Just let me know!

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