Juliett’s Newborn Photos

I love newborn photos!  I have collected many of them over the years as inspiration.  When my granddaughter was born recently, I knew I wanted to try to capture her newborn look! There is so much that goes in to a shoot like this one.  I won’t bore you with the details, but one of the things that is best, is for the baby to be asleep.  My daughter assured me that all Juliett does is sleep.  Not so on our photoshoot day!  It could have been a number of factors, but she was wide awake.  Nonetheless…the photos turned out awesome.

IMG_3781_newborn_photography_Stephanie_Farrell IMG_3819_newborn_photography_stephanie_farrell IMG_3888_Newborn_photography_Stephanie_Farrell

And….there will be more!!!

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