Jamie’s 1 year old photoshoot

I’m in love.  From the first moment I saw this precious baby, it was love, love, love!  I can’t believe it’s been a year already.  Jamie is my third grandchild.  My beautiful Granddaughters are now 12 and 14 years old.  It was time for more babies!!  Before Jamie’s next birthday, he will be a big brother.  We just found out that he is going to have a sister in March.  Yay!!  I was hoping for a  girl.  I just love all the fun girly clothes.

My daughter bought this fun little man suit for Jamie’s portrait.  I love the little hat!  Just like Grandpa!  He was surprisingly okay with the photo shoot.  He got tired of posing, of course.  I just loved taking these pictures.  Hubby took photos also.  These are mine.

Jamie gets a kiss from Mommy.  The next photo he returns the favor.  Jamie’s “kiss” is when he leans his head toward your face.  How cute.  

My beautiful daughter!

Okay.  Enough already!!

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