How to Make Fabric Covered Boxes

I had a little space to fill and I wanted to make it cute AND functional. So, I decided to use….Surprise…FABRIC! I just love fabric. My first step was to scour the internet for instructions. I found several, and they all involved glue. Spray Glue, Glue Guns. Ugh. I have not had great success with glue. I thought to myself that this was an opportunity to learn to love glue. I followed one such instruction and spray glued fabric to my little box. It was a disaster! The fabric looked awful. It just was not the solution I was looking for.

So, I decided to “go my own way”, which is what I usually do. First I measured and created my own custom size boxes out of cardboard from delivery boxes. Then I measured for my fabric. I sewed the inside and outside of the box in fabric and attached them with staples.

I did use a little bit of glue for the handles. And, I managed to survive the experience!! Here are my cute little boxes. I love love love the way they turned out.

And here is my “How to” Video:

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