How much is too much to share online?

How much is too much to share online? This morning I am posting a video to my YouTube channel (farrellfocus). I was just answering some questions from a tag. A Tag is something that other youtube creators can join in on and we all either do a video on the same subject or, in this case, we all answered the same questions. I loved watching the others share their “secrets”, so I made my own video for the “invading my privacy” tag. No one actually asked me, or invited me to do this, I just decided on my own that it would be fun or interesting.

When I started getting in to the questions, I surprised myself by the answers I was giving. What the heck? These aren’t things I would talk about in public. And, nothing is more public than YouTube. As I sit here at my computer, I am reluctant to hit “publish”. It’s not that what I said is damaging or embarassing. It’s just that it is something I don’t like to share. I don’t want to hurt any feelings of people in my past, for one thing. But, truth is truth, and it doesn’t really change. And, what if….what if…someone is struggling right now. What if something I said connects to them? I feel so sure that I should post this. And, at the same time, I can protect myself and just don’t put it out there. I already know that I am going to hit the “publish” button. I’m going to send my thoughts, feelings and words out in to the universe. I can never take it back. I can’t undo it. And, I’m going to be fine with it. Because, in this moment, I know what I’m doing.

With this thought, I want to say, I have always been careful with what I post. I ask people before I post a photo with them. I have my daughter’s permission to post my grandkids. I don’t like to post my opinions about controversial subjects. I feel like it’s just not worth it. Everyone has an opinion, and mine might not jive with theirs. I see other people posting away about their politics or views and some of them are hard for me to see. I just stay out of all of that. I’m not going to change their mind. And, they aren’t going to change mine. I aways say, “I have a business….I can’t say that!” I would rather be friends with people from all points of view.

I am just a voice for me. That’s why I named my blog and channel, Farrel Focus. It’s about whatever I’m focused on. It’s my little corner of the world to say what I want and put it out there. If I’m exposed and vulnerable today, it’s my own choice. And, I have decided to be okay with that. There you go Universe! Thanks for listening.



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