Hollywood Glamour in Old Sacramento

What a fun time!!  I met a new friend  Jaymie at the AFWPI mixer on Tuesday and she invited me to meet her at this fun shoot.  I joined the meetup group, Capitol City Shooters, paid my fee and just like that, I was “in”.  I noticed that the spots were disappearing quickly and I invited my son, Jesse to join me.  He jumped at the opportunity.  Neither of us had a clue what to expect.  We came with the plan to “watch and learn“.  If we got some shots, that would be icing on the cake.  Did we get some shots?!  Oh yeah!

The organizer had a great little photo studio in Old Sac (how perfect is that!).  She did a fantastic job of putting together a shoot that everyone enjoyed.  There were about 13 photographers and 6 models.  We all just walked around and took pictures.  The models were top notch!  They all knew how to pose and were so great at managing to look at each camera.  Sometimes it felt a little like being a paparazzi.

The skill level was from beginner to advanced.  Everyone was welcomed.  Some people had lots of gear and others, like Jesse and me, just had our camera and a flash.  We both came away wanting all those goodies….there is no end to the wanting of new camera gear.  No End.

I was so happy with the results.  Here are my favorites.  I took a lot of pictures.  This may seem like a lot, but boy it’s not!

I loved the “Lady in Red”.  This is Sonia Valencia. I have to credit my friend Jaymie for noticing this little sliver of golden sunlight!  So pretty.

Click on any image to see it full size.


I had to take a close up of her sexy legs.  Fellas….your welcome!

I’m still new to editing photographs.  This shoot gave me a lot to play with.  I loved the black and white effect.

Amazing bootie shot.  Smoking hot.  Again…guys….you’re welcome.

I love this guy.  Nicholas Pointer.  He was so perfect for the theme….right down to a vintage looking pack of Pall Mall cigarettes.


Next up was this glamorous girl in satin. This is Heather Peterson.  She had a lot of photographers gathered around, so I had to sneak in a get my own shots.

Black and white…old hollywood glamour.  Color….stunning!  She is so beautiful.


This was my experiment with getting my black and white to look a little more vintage.  I loved the result.


It was fun seeing how other photographers instruct the models in posing.  The last one (my favorite) was Jesse’s pose.  This is Thomas Tinney Jr. and Bianca Mata.


Okay.  I admit it.  I love to twirl.  This dress was made for twirling.  I asked her to fling the dress and twirl and ….yep…I was right.  It just floated.  When she started to spin, the other photographers came rushing over.  We all got some fabulous shots.  I’m quite positive I could not have twirled in those shoes.  Who am I kidding? I could not have stood up in those shoes!!  I think that makes her some sort of super hero.

This may just be my favorite shot of the day.  It’s not perfectly in focus, but I love the motion of it.  Her face is perfect and the movement of the dress is just divine.   I also love that cool red reflection in the glass door.



It takes some serious modeling skills to twirl, make it look effortless and elegant and all the while still look at the camera.  And in this case, she looked at many cameras!!  Kudos!!


Love the “Lady in Green”!  This is Andrea Hill.

The color is great on her and I’m a sucker for long black gloves.  We should all wear pretty gloves all the time!!  This black and white shot was another of Jesse’s great poses.  It truly looks retro!

I loved this couple, they looked so vintage!  The Firehouse restaurant was the perfect backdrop!

What’s more romantic than a dip?

Some of my last shots of the day.  Love this model and her dress!  I love color!  But then….I experimented with black and white….love that too!  It’s not quite all the way to black and white.  I loved the effect.

Last picture.  Oh my.  Don’t you just love all this color?

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