Happy Isa-Anniversary to me!

This morning I received an email informing me that my Isagenix account auto renewal was posted. With that came the realization that it is my 12 year anniversary with Isagenix. Wow. 12 years. When I look back over these dozen years, I am amazed. I feel like I have been on a 12 year “high”. I feel more vibrant and youthful today than I did all those years ago. What started as a weight loss journey, became a way of life for me. I can NOT imagine ONE day without this super nutrition in my body.


2003 Before and After

Confession. I don’t exercise. I eat whatever I want. This is not my goal or desire. It’s my confession. I’m always planning on getting back on track. When I look back 12 years, I ate healthy. I was a vegan who only ate organic. I practiced yoga everyday. I was doing so many things right. But, I didn’t feel right. I felt down in the dumps most days and I didn’t have any spark for life. I felt frumpy and hopeless. Simple things used to cause me to stress out. I had an impossible time falling asleep at night. I didn’t want to do anything except stay home and make crafts by myself. I was 45 and I felt like 65.

After THREE days on the Isagenix Cleansing and Fat Burning system, my whole world turned upside down. In a GOOD way. I just felt “released” from my own prison. I saw the whole world in color. I really can’t tell you just how this felt. But, I do remember thinking that THIS is how I wanted to feel for the REST OF MY LIFE. It was no longer about a number on the scale. I just wanted to be happy and excited about life. I WISH everyone could have that feeling.

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These days are so busy, I hardly ever have a day to just do nothing. And, that’s the way I LIKE it! We are constantly on the go! Hubby and I often tell each other that we could NOT have this pace without Isagenix. We actually wonder how anyone can NOT want this for themselves. We wake up each day and have a nutritional and DELICIOUS protein shake, daily essentials, Product B (amazing for youthful aging), Ionix and away we go. When we are to busy to eat, we can have a shake on the go or a meal replacement bar instead of crappy fast food. We both keep up with people half our age. And, in a time in life where our piers are slowing down, we are SPEEDING up! This might not be for everyone, but EVERYONE should have that choice!!  I want to share this amazing program with anyone who would like to improve the quality of their life.  As a Baby Boomer, I believe that age is just a number….mine is 56 years young 🙂 !

IMG_0402-stephaniefarrell-stephanie-farrell-2015 IMG_9389-stephaniefarrell-stephanie-farrell--2015 IMG_7987-stephaniefarrell-stephanie-farrelll-2015


Most people my age are suffering. Medications, conditions, aches and such. I am free from all of that. I think I got it right 12 years ago, and I KNOW I’m getting it right now. Here’s to the next 12! I KNOW that there is so much more coming and I’m ready to say YES! to life!

Read my original Isagenix story, written in 2003 by clicking here: www.myskinnystory.com

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