Facebook 101, what a turn out!

IMG_2687-Stephanie-Facebook-ClassWow!  Thanks to everyone who showed up for the class.  When we were setting up, I said that I had 22 signed up…so we set up for 12…because NORMALLY everyone does not show up.  Well, the twelve seats filled up right away and we set up some more.  I had a few cancellations come through that day, and yet we still ended up with 26!!  Everyone was super nice and I hope that they got what they came for.

IMG_2674-Stephanie-Farrell-Facebook-ClassMy goal was to help  people get started from the very beginning.  As I researched online, many of the Facebook 101 type tutorials were still somewhat complicated.  I loved teaching the class and hope that the group is ready to take on social media.  It’s such an integral part of our modern culture, you almost have to be online to stay current.

The next step is Facebook 101 for Business.  I’m excited about this one too!  I have lots to share and hope to give value.  This class will be on February 20th, 5:30 to 8 at Thomi’s Banquet room.  Special thanks to Thomi’s and the Amador County Chamber of Commerce.


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