Custom RV Step Cover DIY – Super Cute!

I love working on Glamping up my Trailer.  I had this idea for a step cover when I couldn’t find a cute one.  And, I looked everywhere!!  This project was fun and easy.  You can literally have any step cover you want!!  I made a video of the process on my YouTube Channel, Stephanie Farrell Focus.  I’m also going to lay out my simple steps if you want to copy what I did.  I love my new step covers!  I think when you see them, you will want them too!

Here’s the video:


Gorilla Tape
Grommet set

Step 1  – Make Pattern

I measured my step and took in to account that my step cover needs to cover and also bend around the step.  If you have an old step cover, it can be your pattern.  I used a piece of paper and made my pattern.

Step 2  – Cut Carpet

I purchased a carpet at Lowes.  I chose something that had enough give in it to wrap around my step.  This also made the carpet easy to cut.  I just used my craft scissors. Lay your pattern on top of the carpet.  Mark.  Cut.

Step 3 – Attach Tape to raw edges

Step 4 – Attach Grommets

Step 5 – Install Your New Custom Step Covers!!  Note:  We used bungee cords to attach.  I leave the top step cover on, but the bottom step cover has to be removed when I fold up the steps.  Just an FYI.

I hope you enjoyed this project as much as I did!  I’m hard at work Glamping up my “new to us” Hybrid Camper.  You can follow our adventures on my YouTube Channel.  We post our travels, projects, home improvements…and I also love to share about sewing, crafts and fashion.  Subscribe to Stephanie Farrell Focus on YouTube to see more!  And, I’m also on Facebook everyday, come find me and lets be friends.  Instagram: stephanie.farrell

Happy Camping!!



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