Christina and Kim at Silver Lake with Jesse

My very talented son is staying with us for a few weeks.  I thought it would be fun to set up a photo shoot that we could do together.  I always have my very knowledgeable hubby beside me to answer all my questions.  I know that I need to go off on my own and see what I can remember about all of the new things I have been learning about my camera.  My son has the same camera and is years ahead of me.  He was so helpful.  I learned a lot and tried many new things.

I was pretty amazed by his posing skills.  I had the same beautiful girl and the same beautiful setting, and yet, each time I looked over to see what he was doing, it was pretty cool, let me tell you!  Lucky for me Christina and Kim are both naturals when it comes to modeling.  And, they are both stunningly gorgeous!!  The hardest part was getting home with too many pictures to choose from!

After choosing my favorites, I spent a good amount of time editing them.  I loved the process.  It’s so fun.  But, it can be frustrating too.  There are so many things you can do to enhance a photo, so many settings.  It can be overwhelming.  I can’t decide if I over editing or under editing.  All I can say for sure is, that I like – no –love the result.  I hope you do too!

IMG_0328_stephanie_farrell_photography IMG_0392_stephanie_farrell_photography IMG_0388_stephanie_farrell_photography IMG_0337stephaniefarrellphotography IMG_0326_stephanie_farrell_photography IMG_0325_stephanie_farrell_photography IMG_0324_stephanie_farrell_photography IMG_0317_stephanie_farrell_photography IMG_0316_stephanie_farrell_photography   IMG_0307_stephanie_farrell_photography IMG_0295_stephanie_farrell_photography IMG_0285_stephanie_farrell_photography IMG_0254_stephanie_farrell_photography IMG_0253_stephanie_farrell_photography IMG_0251_stephanie_farrell_photography  IMG_0234_stephanie_farrell_photography  IMG_0222_stephanie_farrell_photography IMG_0220_stephanie_farrell_photography   IMG_0187_stephanie_farrell_photography IMG_0183_stephanie_farrell_photography IMG_0180_stephanie_farrell_photography IMG_0178_stephanie_farrell_photography  IMG_0170stephaniefarrellphotography IMG_0164_stephanie_farrell_photography IMG_0155_stephanie_farrell_photography   IMG_0113stephaniefarrellphotography IMG_0111_stephanie_farrell_photography

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