AFWPI Shootout at Mac Powell Event Center

A shootout is a fun event where models, makeup and hair artists, a venue, decor and photographers, all get together and create images for all to share.  This particular shoot out was organized by AFWPI, Association for Wedding Professionals International.

The following vendors participated:

AFWPI – organizer
Mac Powell Event Center – venue location
Crystal Rose Florist – flowers
Mimi & Company – Linens, Table Decorations
The Party Concierge – Furniture, uplighting, Decor
My Sister’s House – Gowns
Le Day Spa – Hair and Makeup

These are a few of my favorites:

afwpi-mac-powell-event-center-stephaniefarrell2015-IMG_IMG_5278 afwpi-mac-powell-event-center-stephaniefarrell2015-IMG_5434 afwpi-mac-powell-event-center-stephaniefarrell2015-IMG_5334 afwpi-mac-powell-event-center-stephaniefarrell2015-IMG_5280 afwpi-mac-powell-event-center-stephaniefarrell2015-IMG_5276 afwpi-mac-powell-event-center-stephaniefarrell2015-IMG_5218 afwpi-mac-powell-event-center-stephaniefarrell2015-IMG_5203 afwpi-mac-powell-event-center-stephaniefarrell2015-IMG_5120 afwpi-mac-powell-event-center-stephaniefarrell2015-IMG_5084

I’m not experienced in commercial photography, but I did take a few shots of the venue and the decor. There was some pretty spectacular decoration!

These beautiful bouquets were provided by Crystal Rose Florist.  I love flowers!!

afwpi-mac-powell-event-center-stephaniefarrell2015-IMG_5286 afwpi-mac-powell-event-center-stephaniefarrell2015-IMG_5217 afwpi-mac-powell-event-center-stephaniefarrell2015-IMG_5089

This awesome casual seating area was set up by Party Concierge.


Table decor and linens by Mimi & Company.



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